3D Printere

3D Printere

Whether you have are in need for a printer close at hand for fast prototypes, or a full production setup, Addinor works with the best in class brands for 3D print in an industrial set up.

Our 3D Print Partners & Portfolio

3D print is widely used in manufacturing, but there are five distinct application areas, where the technology makes a difference. Read more about each of these areas below.


HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology, MJF, is groundbreaking in terms of achieving part properties and print speed. With the MJF solutions, you can go from prototyping to full manufacturing of end-use parts.


More than 30 years ago, 3D Systems brought the innovation of 3D printing to the manufacturing industry. Today, as the leading AM solutions company, it empowers manufacturers to create products and business models never before possible through transformed workflows.


Our partner Markforged has a complete line of solutions made to create strong, functional parts in metal or reinforced fibers. These are industrial grade 3D printers that constantly improve with a connected software platform, new materials and precision construction.


When you 3D print for production you inevitably face the challenge of manual work in postprocessing. Our partner Dyemansion offers highly automated postprocessing solutions for cleaning, surface treatment and coloring, to make your process more efficient.


AM-Flow is all about removing bottlenecks in postprocessing of 3D printed parts. AM-Flow provides you end to end digital manufacturing solutions starting right after your 3D printers have done their job. Automation is key to your success.

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